Registered purebred and percentage Kiko Goats raised for hardiness, meat and pack goat prospects
Kopf Canyon Ranch

Pack Goat Breeding Stock

​​​​ Kiko, Kiko/Saanen, Kiko/Alpine, and Kiko/Alpine/Oberhasli Does  

More important than breed in selecting a pack goat prospect, is temperament and conformation. 
If you are new to packing and uncertain
about what to look for
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What Is a Good Pack Goat?


Not every doe produces good pack goat prospects. 

Kikos , as a breed, do not have a "standard" for size or conformation like dairy goats do. They are meat goats, not show goats , selected and bred for hardiness and production.

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There is significant variation from goat to goat and breeder to breeder in the Kiko world. In general, Kikos have not been selected for height, so most are shorter at the withers than your typical dairy pack goats.  For this reason, we are more likely to refer to a Kiko as a "trekking goat." They will pack, but could be moderate in mature height. If you are looking for a giant pack goat, whose lines are proven on the trail, you might contact Dwite Sharp, who has over 20 years breeding for packing.

Kikos are still "experimental" as a  pack goat. The most notable and experienced packer using Kiko in his string is Clay Zimmerman at High Uinta in Wyoming. 

We are delighted to accept the challenge of the breeding experiment to bring Kiko into the packing world, and have begun selecting a percentage of the Kiko herd  for packing traits. We have also added some dairy does to cross to Kiko. If you would like to be among the first to test the trail with the breed, we will do everything we can to support you in your venture. 

Below are the does we've selected from our herd that exhibit the best traits
for packing:

Kopf Canyon Laura "Stilts"

Laura is a purebred 2015 Saanen, twin to Larry the Wonder Goat, our wether (not pictured.)
These are the two you see us walking with. They are coming two year olds.
They have excellent dispositions, are friendly, calm and willing.
If you are looking for legs, this girl has legs! She very tall, with quite a bit of growing to do,
Will be bred for 2018 prospects.

Kopf Canyon Poutine

Poutine is a 2013 Alpine, just about to deliver twins in this picture!
She is very watchful and alert by nature. She is quick to "adopt" other goats into her herd, and her kids exhibit the same friendliness. She has very strong upright pasterns - even at term! She added two 2017 Alpine/Kiko doelings to the herd, much to the chagrin of those that were counting on a 2017 prospect. She generally produces flashy  multicolored kids!

MEW  Grettle

Grettle is a 2015 Kiko, whose legs grew much faster than her body! This is her at a year and a half, and while she has filled out, she hasn't lost her height.
We have lots of Kikos to chose from, but for legs, your best bets are Grettle, Leila and Lyra. Grettle is nondescript, but produced one of last year's flashiest bucklings.

LPR Lookout Point Ranch Leila

Leila is a 2011 Kiko, bred and born to  the rigors of Lookout Point standards.  She's one tough goat! Our management style is a bit more hands on, and she has adapted well, revealing a very agreeable temperament.
On the taller side of  of Kiko goats with a frame suitable for packing. She is a natural fit for this breeding program. She twins reliably and could offer one prospect for the 2018 season.

MEW  Lyra Belaqua

Lyra is a 2015 Kiko, athletic and lanky! One of our top performers, producing triplets at her first kidding. She is grateful to offer prospects to lighten her workload. Lyra's kids, even the dam raised are exceptionally friendly and active.

BKR Juno ("Mallow")

Mallow is a 2014 Kiko, retained from our commercial herd. She came to us disbudded (horns removed.) She earned her place in our foundation herd and has not disappointed! Her lines are Shreddear and Peril - some very big Kikos! She has a knack for giving triplets, so any bucklings would be considered as prospects.

KCR Kopf Canyon Patches

Patches is a 2016 Kiko, a triplet doeling from Mallow.  Growing out to be everything her mama is - and better! This will be her first breeding, so she will likely single. On the outside chance she offers twins, she could have a 2018 prospect. Yearling picture  on left- current on right.

HHF Rogue and HHF Corona

Rogue and Corona are Alpine/Oberhasli twins.
This will be their first breeding season as coming two year olds. They are just lovely in every way. We are hoping for 2018 prospects.

We may have needed to be more specific...
they gave us prospect doelings!  Look for these gorgeous girls to be bred in 2019...

Meet  RITA....

Rita is a 2017 purebred Alpine. So correct in every way - it is a pleasure to look at her! She is not at all camera shy...this picture just shows her lines so well!
We hope to offer prospects from Rita in late 2018.

Meet  WILLOW....

Willow is a friendly, exuberant 2017 Alpine/Oberhasli cross. Still growing - look for her prospects late 2018, early 2019.

Meet FERN...

Fern is Willow's twin...equally delightful and promising!